A Gift of Peppers!

A guest at our campground gifted us with these beautiful Thai Peppers this weekend! He also brought us some seeds to grow. These are peppers that he has been growing in his own garden for years and we sincerely appreciate the gift!

It is not common knowledge that certain varieties of fruits and vegetables have been lost over generations. The seeds that we buy at the store today have been homogenized to the point that almost every plant we grow in the US is the same, at least when you compare it to the many varieties that existed hundreds of years ago.

When immigrants came to the United States they brought different seeds with them for the crops that they grew. Immigrants still do this today if they can sneak them in. Sometimes they bring the seeds for a fruit/vegetable that is completely unique. A variety of plant that is part of their family legacy that no other farmer has grown.

One example of this the Hmong Pepper. It doesn’t have a proper name that I’m aware of but it is a pepper that you can’t find in stores and you can’t buy the seeds online.

The Hmong people are an ethnic group from Asia that have been persecuted for many generations. There is a history of genocide and forced migration that is tragic and goes back hundreds of years. However, you might be lucky enough to know someone who has family or who themselves have saved the seeds to what might now be considered part of their cultural heritage in the hot pepper that can only be found in back yards and window gardens. It’s similar to a Thai Pepper in appearance, but smaller. The flavor is different and so is the hotness of the pepper.

I bring up this information just because there are also farmers in the United States, who are descendants of immigrants from all parts of the world who may be the last growers of a specific variety or plant. Unknowingly, they may be the cultivator of a variety of pepper or tomato, squash or herb that is the last on this continent or any continent.

For that reason I encourage people to share the seeds of their small, backyard gardens. Who knows how special it might be? Maybe it’s just the seeds of a plant. But, maybe that plant has it’s own tragic history of survival and is the last of it’s kind.

American Chinchilla Rabbits!

I am SUPER excited to announce that in August 2019 I will be getting a trio (1 buck & 2 does) of American Chinchilla rabbits to begin breeding rabbits on the farm!

I’m excited for a few reasons (besides baby bunnies all the time!) but also because of what a unique breed of rabbit the American Chinchilla is. There are few breeders of American Chinchillas and I’m going to be picking up mine from a breeder in Washington this August.

They are a Heritage breed meaning the breed was created in the US. Unfortunately this breed almost went extinct.  At one time there were only two breeders left in the United States. They are the only breed of rabbit to be considered endangered and I am excited to help their numbers grow.

I will be breeding them as pets, for meat and for their pelts which are extremely soft, like a Chinchilla though they are not related to the Chinchilla.

Updates will come once I have them in August as well as pricing.

1 BILLION butterflies! Literally!

“A massive swarm of at least 1 billion butterflies is traveling across Los Angeles and neighboring counties at a breathtaking speed of about 20 miles an hour!”

The butterfly species Painted Ladies, cousins to the Monarch butterfly, are in a rush to reach breeding areas in Oregon after spending winter in the deserts of northern Mexico, according to Tom Merriman, a director of a butterfly non-profit group in Encinitas, in an interview with the Pasadena Star News. “They’ve laid tons of eggs in the desert, and so there may be over a billion butterflies,” Merriman told the paper.


The swarm has been spotted at the wineries in Temecula Valley. What a perfect weekend to come camp at Bierbaum Pepper Farm!

Check out @belvinowinery on Facebook to see videos of the beautiful swarm. Enjoy a glass of wine and retire to Bierbaum Pepper Farm to relax in the hot tub afterward!

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New Additions to the Farm!

The weather is finally clearing up. The rain has renewed our farm. Everything is fresh and green. It’s the perfect time to schedule a camping trip with the family to meet our baby goats! Our little hot peppers, Scotch Bonnet & Chocolate Habanero are excited to meet you too! Use the link below to book your next camping trip! We were Hipcamp’s “Best of 2018” finalist for all of California!


The Geminid Meteor Shower! 12-7-18 through 12-16-18

The Geminid meteor shower will reach its maximum rate of activity on 14 December 2018. Bierbaum Pepper Farm is the perfect place to watch this high action meteor shower!

From Bierbaum Pepper Farm, the radiant of the shower will appear 68° above the eastern horizon at midnight. This means you may be able to see around 93 meteors per hour, since the radiant will be high in the sky, maximizing the chance of seeing meteors. That’s a lot of shooting stars!
The best viewing will be after the moon sets.


Some shooting stars associated with the shower are expected to be visible each night from December 7th through December 16th.

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Stargazing Event On The Farm! The Comet 46P/Wirtanen Is Visible 12/13/2018

Bierbaum Pepper Farm is an excellent location for stargazing! We are 30 minutes from any towns with very low light pollution. For amateur astronomers it’s the perfect place to bring your binoculars/telescope and relax under the stars.

On December 13, 2018 The comet 46P/Wirtanen will be visible from Bierbaum Pepper Farm from about 7:00pm to Midnight.


Image Credit & Copyright: Alex Cherney (Terrastro, TWAN)

Bierbaum Pepper Farm is an excellent location for stargazing! We are 30 minutes from any towns with very low light pollution. For amateur astronomers it’s the perfect place to bring your binoculars/telescope and relax under the stars.

Palomar Observatory is only a 1.5 hour drive away from us and houses a 200′ telescope!  It was the most important telescope in the world for decades.


Map to Palomar Observatory from Bierbaum Pepper Farm

The perfect family trip would be to come camp on the farm, play with our pregnant miniature goats (due to give birth in late January/ early February), tour the Palomar Observatory during the day and stargaze at night!

We offer 25% off the booking fee if you book during a weeknight!

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