Available Goats for Sale

All of our goats have been tested and negative for CAE, CL & Johnes. Records can be provided upon request.
All the goats on this page are yearlings or older.
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Poblano – $500
Polled, Blue Eyed, Intact & Proven Buck

DOB 2/29/2020
Poblano is 12.5% Mini LaMancha and 87.5% Nigerian Dwarf
His Pedigree is here.
2021 he sired 2 kids with Fraulein.
2022 he sired kids 4 kids with Smokey and 3 kids with Coffee.
His kids can be registered with MDGA.

Cayenne $300 – Amazing Milker
Not Registered

DOB 11/17/2019 Horned
Pictures are of past pregnancies, not this one.
Kidded in 2020 , 2021 and 2022.
We are selling her reluctantly because she is an AMAZING milk producer and makes beautiful kids but we can’t register her or her kids because of issues with her Dam’s paperwork (Vanilla).
We aren’t trying hard to sell her because we will still breed her for milk but ultimately we are trying to improve our herd and only have registered goats.

Pinto Bean – $300
Polled, Intact & Proven Buck

DOB 2/12/2018
Registered with ADGA

Roweena – $300
Polled & Blue Eyed

DOB 1/17/2018
Registered with ADGA
Super friendly “in your pocket.”

Ancho: SOLD
Yearling Buck
Polled, Intact, Unregistered – $150

Originally we were going to keep Ancho for his coloring but we want some more genetic diversity since his sire (and the sire to most of our herd) is Pinto Bean.
Ancho was born 11/22/2020 to Cayenne (Vanilla Bean’s Daughter).

Fatalii – SOLD
Polled – $300

DOB 11/22/20
Fatalii was exposed to Pinto Bean and is due to kid in June.
This will be her first freshening.
Cannot be registered because of issues with her Dam’s paperwork (Vanilla).
She was a bottle baby. Super affectionate and sweet.
Only selling her because of the issues with registration otherwise we would keep her because of her personality and polled genetics.

Ghost Pepper: SOLD
Yearling Buck, Polled, Intact, Unregistered – $150

Ghost Pepper did have a deposit put down on him as a buckling but the buyer backed out. We loved him so much we didn’t list him to sell again but since we are not going to breed him we figured it is time for him to move on to a new pasture.
Ghost Pepper was born 11/22/2020 to Vanilla Bean.

Vanilla Bean: SOLD
5 year old Senior Doe, Unregistered – $100

Unfortunately Vanilla and her kids cannot be registered with the ADGA. She was the first doe that we bought at 8 weeks old in 2017. She is 5 years old.
Vanilla cannot be bred again because she had a prolapsed uterus in 2020 and another pregnancy could kill her. She will only be sold as a Pet.

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