Available Goats For Sale

All kids from the 2020 breeding season have been sold.
If you would like to leave a deposit for a kid for next season please email me at bierbaumpepperfarm@gmail.com for dates and pairings for the 2021 breeding season.

Below are pictures of the kids from 2020 that were sold.

DOELINGS: Females under 1 year of age

Black Pearl: $300 Vaccinated Disbudded
Belle Pepper: $300 Vaccinated Disbudded
Peri-Peri: $300 Vaccinated Disbudded

BUCKLINGS: Males under 1 year of age. Intact (not castrated)

Serrano: $300 Vaccinated Polled
Shishito: $250 Vaccinated Disbudded
Fresno Chile: $350 Polled Vaccinated