1. Do you accept long term rentals?

A. No. This is for short term camping only.

2. Can I book over the phone?

A. No. You must book online and pay in advance of your stay. Mostly this is for insurance reasons.

3. Is the campground open for day use?

A. No. This is a private campground on private property. If you want to use the site for the day then you can book a site for the night and leave whenever you want but we do not want to become over crowded with too many day time visitors so that campers can enjoy the fact that we are not crowded and there are not a ton of people here. We limit the amount of people who are on the property for many reasons but mostly, so that campers can relax in peace and enjoy this unique experience.

4. Can I bring a generator?

A. Yes but it must be turned off during quiet hours between 10:00pm and 8:00am

5. I see that there are only 8 people allowed per site but we are having a party/reunion/other and have more than 8 people. How do we book camping for a big group?

A. You will want to book multiple sites. The best sites to book for big groups wanting to stay close together would be any combination of sites 1, 2 or 4. Another option, if you have an RV is to book the RV spot and site 3 for tent camping.

6. Do you allow dogs?

A. Yes. We are very dog friendly. Please refer to the Rules for Camping

7. Is there good hiking near by?

A. Yes and no. There is nothing within walking distance of the campground. We are surrounded by private properties, not public land. However, there are many places within a 15-30 minute drive. I am happy to offer recommendations upon request.

8. Are there snakes or other wild animals I should be worried about?

A. Yes. There are snakes. We rarely see poisonous snakes but sometimes we do. This is the desert. I’ve also seen tarantulas which might be scary but if left alone will not bother you. You might hear coyotes at night. Coyotes are afraid of people and are extremely unlikely to come close but you might see them in the distance.

You will see mice in the chicken coup and near or in the solar shower.

There is a family of barn owls that live on the property.

You will likely see hawks, crows, roadrunners, humming birds, etc.

There are bees, wasps, ants, stink bugs, etc. This is the outdoors and not a controlled environment. We don’t exterminate the outdoors.

There are a ton of lizards, cotton tail rabbits and other animals I have not named. You will see something at some point.

9. Will my kids (or I) be bored?

A. This totally depends on your kids and what they enjoy. If they only like playing video games or watching YouTube then we do have WiFi available in the common area.

If they like playing with animals they can play with the goats any time they want or hold our rabbit Buckly (under Marcella’s supervision). There is a non-profit petting zoo only 2 miles down the road from us called Celebrity Ranch that we encourage you to visit.

Kids also enjoy playing on the hammocks and we do have some board games available. BUT if you have never taken your kids camping before their entertainment is on you. This is not an amusement park and camping is fun if you make it fun.

For any other questions just email me. I tend to reply quickly and I’m happy to help!