Sales/Kid Reservation Policy

Our goal is to find wonderful homes for our goats and for you to be happy with your goat purchase. We do everything we can to produce healthy, high quality goats for pets, breeding stock, and show animals.
Goats are herd animals and need to be with other goats. We will not sell a single goat to a home that does not already have goats. If this is your first goat purchase, you must purchase more than one or have plans to purchase from another seller/breeder.  If you are purchasing multiple goats then we do offer a discount UNLESS you are purchasing wethers. $200/goat is the lowest we can offer due to the time, care and expenses it takes to maintain this level of herd.

If making a reservation for a kid from a breeding, this is free. No deposit is required. I will put you on my list (first come first serve). You will get the first opportunity to put a deposit down once the kids are born.

1. Deposit: We require a non-refundable deposit of $50 on any animal we have for sale once they are born. We will not hold a kid without a deposit paid.

2. Payment: We accept cash, Venmo, Cash App or Zelle.  If you have not paid the purchase price in full before picking up your animal(s), the balance due at the time of pick-up will have to be cash.

3. Pickup: Animals must be picked up by the agreed-upon date. If animals are not picked up within seven (7) days of the agreed-upon date and other arrangements have not been made, the animal(s) will be offered to the next interested party and you will forfeit the deposit.

4. Refunds: All sales are final. A refund will be granted if an animal becomes seriously ill or dies prior to the pick-up date. All animals will be healthy upon leaving our property to the best of our knowledge. We cannot be responsible for an animal once it leaves our property. We recommend getting a thermometer and finding a vet in your area that is familiar with goats before taking the goat home. The stress of travel on kids can make them sick, most commonly with pneumonia or a coccidia bloom. We use Temecula Creek Equine. We reserve the right to cancel any sale for any reason. If we choose to cancel a sale, we will refund ALL deposit money paid.
If purchasing a goat for show you are responsible for inspecting the goat before removing it from the property for any abnormalities. If you do not notice something before taking it home then we cannot be expected to have noticed it either and we will not be held liable for something we are not aware of. We will not knowingly sell a goat for show with any abnormalities but we do not offer any guarantees.

5. Disbudding: If planning on showing the goats then they have to be disbudded (horns removed). If you want the goat as a pet, it is not required to disbud but usually preferred. Kids should not be disbudded after a certain age. If wanting a kid disbudded please discuss this with us. We do not disbud all of our goats automatically if they are not polled.

6. Registration: If you think you may show your doeling/buckling, for an additional fee we will register your goat with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) or the Mini Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) and transfer the registration to you. Please provide us with your doeling/buckling name at the time the deposit is made so that his/her official name will be on the registration papers. Otherwise the goat will have the name that we have chosen. All registered goats will include the farm name in addition to the name you choose. This is common practice for breeders.

7. Bucklings: Unless otherwise stated/requested IN TIME, bucklings will be castrated (wethered) and will not be registered. Depending on their age at the time you pick them up, wethers will be castrated before going to new homes. You have to make a deposit early if you want an intact buckling. We wether the bucklings between 12 and 16 weeks of age.
We will not let you take the goat home and trust that you will wether him on your own. People have taken the goats at the lower price and then don’t neuter them. That’s just rude and dishonest. Due to other’s actions that is now our policy.

8. This page will need to be printed (2 pages printed) and signed when you arrive to pick up your purchased goat/kid to show that you have read the terms, agree to these terms and have knowledge of our sales policy or you can save as a PDF, sign it and email it to us at

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